Help Creating a Character

I use reference images to make characters
I know how to make arms, hands, legs, torso etc
But when it comes to joining them together it is messy even if I use the union modifier noting that the models I make are not simple and it’s exhausting to fix everything manually
How can I merge legs, arms and head to torso without creating such a mess??

I’m not good at character modeling myself, that’s why i gave it up, but most of the time, people make everything in one block. It’s a lot of fail and retry in the beginning. Start with a cube, shape out the all body and add loops on the go where needed to add further details.
I don’t know any good recent tutorial as when i tried to model characters it was at the time of blender 2.5 XD

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Making a high poly one from a block is hard for me, I tend to start from a cylinder for thighs then I go down for legs and continue back till the neck but attaching the arms and head that I made separately with bool leaves a mess that is not easy to fix manually because I start with a 32 edge cylinder… Maybe I should try again or make it a first person one since I can make good arms
I don’t want to give up too, but it’s frustrating xD
Thanks for your reply :smiley:

I recommend starting with half a cube with mirror modifier. And start extruding arms, legs and head. Getting the simplest form with correct proportions. Then slowly add detail with edge loops and more extruding.

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The only logic here is to keep the number of edges the same for all connections. Because that way you will get consistency. As for example if you say that you can pick the number of 8 edges you can go with it for all of the parts. The arms the neck the legs.

character_sample.blend (605.6 KB)

Perhaps if you need more edges than 8 in some part you can always split or join edges in any way you want. Also you can form nice [triangles] in places where it doesn’t matter (such as under clothes / gear / under the arms).

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I’ll try that thank you so much :smiley:

Thank you much this is very helpful especially the image and thanks for attaching an example (just checked and it’s empty?)!
I would start with 32 edge as I mentioned above which made it hard for me to connect them manually…
I’ll try to be simple and add a subdivision surface then modify it
but in your example how would I connect the legs?? since there are 2 8-edges cylinder with an 8 subdivisions per face cube torso for example? should I subdivide the lower part?!
This is the model that I’ve made it has an issue in the back because I extruded the legs to make the torso and the arm and torso connection are is kind of a mess…

If you open the file with Blender 2.7 it will open but it will appear blank (tried it now). Only 2.8 will work.

You might try to use 16 edges instead of 32 which is a good combination between detail and ease of use. However you might have some original meshes as backup (16 edges with modifier on) but then bake everything as you go (apply modifiers to get 32 edges) and then proceed towards a final mesh. The point however working with few edges is only a matter of ease of use and speed. However once you are certain on how a shape looks at it’s final form you can apply modifiers and then keep it like this. Which is a much better way to fine tune small details at the higher level, because when modifier is enabled you see a smoothing effect applied and that way you loose finer control over the vertices.

I have updated the sample file to have a connection in the legs as well. Only straight join without any other modification. However you would assume that are are a few mistakes in the topology but at least now the connection is made, is a little bit easier to reconfigure the faces now. Unless the character has gear or any cloth so in essence it doesn’t matter at all, just to get most important silhouettes right, not exactly anatomical accuracy. If we talk about 100% accuracy then I simply use a “makehuman” model as a template because is almost impossible task to do manually. :stuck_out_tongue:

character_sample_2.blend (630.2 KB)

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Thank you so much for your help!
I use Blender 2.79 so yes that’s probably why
I don’t want to use make human for a stupid reason of mine that I want to do everything by myself :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll start next time with 8 edges and subdivide when needed or after I finish the basic shape and I’ll try to cover up with cloth and gear
Thanks again for so much details and example models :smiley:

Same goes for me, for training and practicing is better to do everything 100% manually.

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Here you can go, if you want more topology tips and tricks

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