Help creating reflective alloy?

I’m trying to recreate the reflective quality of the indicated piece on the picture here, but I just can’t seem to get it.

I found an RGB code for Bronze, and then was trying to use that to get the right color, but the real problem seems to lie with the reflective nature of the material. I’ve got mirror way up, and fresnel down, as well as lowering the Intensity and Hardness of the specularity (It looks just white if I put it up).

How can I get this reflective look? What I’m trying just doesn’t seem to work. Only the sides occasionally glimmer with the right sort of effect. But in general, it just looks like this:

Rendering with Blender Internal? Your diffuse intensity is probably too high and the mirror reflectivity should be higher. The environment is going to matter a lot for reflective materials. Have you tried cycles?

I think the problem is, there isn’t much in your scene to reflect yet.

Exactly this. You need something in the world environment to reflect - that photo reference is reflecting other objects around it on the surface.