Help creating round tire?

I’m trying to make a round bicycle tire around the rim. I can’t think of any way to get a cylinder to wrap around the rim of the wheel. I tried using a torus but if I lock it on the X-axis it becomes very disproportional when scaling.

Here is the picture of the tire

And the rim in Blender

You could use curves, a circle and then a curve for the cross section of tyre added as the circle Bevel Object. You can then set the resolution of the wheel and cross section individually and non-destructively. Once you are happy with what you have you can convert it to a mesh with Alt+C

Example blend file attached


tyre.blend (85.8 KB)

Right after you add Torus, look on T-panel or hit F6 and adjust Major, Minor radius and segments.

Thanks for your help, this was exactly what I needed :).

It is too easy ther is alot of way to make a round shape . but the problem and hard part is modeling grooves and juts parts. its what that i looking for a solution for it .