Help creating template for a Vegas production show.

Hi, I need someone who can create a template of a theater stage here in Vegas (I have photos for reference) that I can ad and create different scenes with for pitching a new show. Sort of like 3D storyboards in video timed to music. I have no experience with Blender so I’m learning from scratch. It would be way to time consuming and costly to have all this done by a pro I’m sure. That way I can constantly make little tweaks over the next few months on my end.

The scenes are for a female variety show on the same stage with different 3-5 minutes acts, like props that move around the stage and robotic arms that move to the music and a beach scene with a volleyball net and lifeguard chair etc. I’d like to position performers in each scene and animate them as well. Message me if you know anyone here. Thanks, Collin