Help Design a robotic 3d printer, that can print and assemble another printer

I have been thinking, you could use magnetic induction heating potentially by having a coil moving above a table, and another moving below it… passing a very intense magnetic field through a pinpoint?

this is less complicated than spark plasma or laser sintering and I think can be made with the same equipment as the motors potentially.

How would the robot make the motors?

by using dexterity to wrap wire around armatures to make motors or induction coils.

print -> wind -> assemble cube or tip

If the robot is going to use materials from the environment.It will have to have a way to detect them.How will it make the permanent magnets for the motors?That would take the robot having some knowledge of chemistry.Humans do that with genes.Just typing that to give you an idea.

I think that collecting and refining materials is a whole seperate project/issue.