Help-Destructible objects leave hanging parts

I’m working on making destructible objects (walls etc) using the cell fracture addon. In the game you can shoot them and get them breaking apart using either parenting method or enable dynamics. The parts of the wall impacted by the “Bullet” cause the fractured wall parts to fall away. But it leaves behind hanging parts unsupported by any geometry from underneath. Which does not look very good.
The question is is there a way to make the fractured parts above fall on their own if the geometry underneath is blown away?

Like a second floor wall falling because the wall underneath would be broken ?

I have the same problem but I am working on fixing it, I’ll tell if I make any progress.

Thanks for the reply. I will send a blend when I can. Work flow is use the cell fracture add on to to fracture a cube. Parent the fragments to an empty placed on a not visible layer. Set logic on all fragments to end parent on contact with property “bullet”. On the visible layer cube add logic: on collision with Property “bullet” add object (Empty). That spawns in the empty and the children fragments on the first bullet collision. On the next collisions between bullet and fragments each fragment is un-parented and the physics take over to allow it to fall. I end all the fragments after about 1000 delay just to clean things up.

Is there a better why that won’t leave hanging fragments?

The dicing destruction videos are great showing the wall destruction happening in real time. But I don’t have a script to implement that.

you could cast a ray down from the hit position/object to check if there is a gap below it, if so unparent the piece.