Help directing particles

Hey, all–

I have an up-and-coming robot that’s almost finished–my first project. His eyes are two spot lamps (with volumetric effects applied) coupled with two particle-emiting vertices to give it a lasery look.

After wrestling for quite a while I got the particle emitters to turn with the head. The particles trail behind the turn, which I would like to get rid of but could live with. The problem is that even with the head turned the particles end up shooting straight towards the z axis, at an angle to the newly-turned head. Even with recalculating–which at least gets them ending up emitting from the right place–they won’t end up shooting perpendicular to the particle-emitting plane.

I had to apply quite a bit of “z” force to get them to go in the right direction to begin with, so I figger that’s the culprit, but without it the emitted particles just go all over the place.

Thanks for any help!


Not sure exactly what you’re after, but I played with a simple plane and rotated it on an IPO. Then gave it particles, and increased my normal velocity to a max of 2. The particles appeared to stay (almost) straight/perpendicular to the plane as it rotated. I had to decrease the life value and increase the key value as well.

Where would one find the “normal velocity?” I’ve looked all over for it. (I’m, by the by, using the latest version of blender.

sorry for the delay.
Crank it up, then adjust the other values as I said before.
Hope it works.