Help doing a new game

Hey guys,

We’re a group of students who are trying to make a simple game with the blender game engine.
The problem is we can’t find anything that may help us to do our project. The project consists in a plane that can move according to a centered axis in the middle of it. Uppon it there’s a ball that rolls everytime we make the plane “MOVE”.
We’ve already made the ball but the plane we don’t know how to put the pyshics to make it as we want.

It’s a bit confusing we know. here it’s an ipod touch example of a game similar to what we want.

Thanks for your help

Just have the board rotate on global axes when you press the arrow keys or whatever. I don’t have a touch, so I’m assuming it’s one of those “roll the ball” type deals.

Try posting the blend.:slight_smile:

hum…i’ll try to do that… thanks