Help! Edge loops...

On this site post-
The guy talks about edgeloops… could someone tell me how to make them or whatnot.

I tried doing his tutorial with surface nurbs… and it didnt work… it would seem to make sense to use mesh/vertex and stuff… but it says nothing about that. I just dont see anything about edgeloops anywhere on wikibooks, or any other tutorial, and I’ve never seen those thick colorfull lines (but those could be added…).

Any help?

Start with the default cube. In edit mode, press [Ctrl]+[R] then move your mouse on one of the edges. Then click and move your mouse to wherever you want the loop to be, click again to confirm

yes… I know all about that… but that doesnt look anything like the tutorial i mentioned…

Read the first one first or you’ll get lost and I don’t have time to come looking for you.


Will the new Blender have a pen/line tool. It is kind of counter-intuitive to have to create a polygon or polyhedron mesh then delete all but one vertex in order to create edge loops.

It would be nice to just start from one vertex (click once) then keep adding till you press esc or something (a bit like adding bones maybe).

A fully-fledged drawing tool, like the pen tool found in Adobe (sorry) software would be nice. Click to start the line/curve. Click to add a cusp vertex or click-drag to add a smooth bezier vertex. Use a modifier key to select vertices and manipulate or convert them individually.

Ok… i understand the premiss… how do you get the red lines? Or are those just drawn on?

The coloured lines are just part of the sample picture for you to trace. The black dots are where you put each vertex.

If you are using your own picture, you could draw similar lines on your reference pics so that you aren’t guessing where to place your loops in blender.

you’re right, but [ctrl]+[LMB] is still pretty handy though and gets the job done