Help Editing the Pivot's Orientation

Hi everyone. I’m new here .

I have a problem, I need to edit the rotation/orientation of the pivot with out rotating the object, I know how to place the pivot on any location of the object on edit mode, but I can’t set an arbitrary orientation of the pivot. Does anybody can help me?

Thanks in advance.


I’m no blender pro, but I’ve had this problem before too. If you can get your 3D cursor where you want the pivot point, you can then select your object and hit “Centre New” or something of the like, which will hopefully re-place the “center” of your object on the cursor. To get your cursor in the right place your best bet is using the snap commands, either to the grid, or two a vertex, or the center of one or more vertices.

Shift > S

is the snap command

Hi H3X and thanks for your reply :).

Actually, I can place the pivot on any element of the object: Edit Mode > Then I select any element like an edge > Then I place the 3D cursor using Shift+S and ‘Cursor to Selection’ > Then back to Object Mode > And finally ‘Center Cursor’.

But what I can’t achive is rotate the pivot, lets say 10º on X axis and 45º on Y axis with out rotating the object. I need that the object stay still in the position while I rotate the pivot.

Please, how can I achive this?


A cludgy attempt to answer your question.

Maybe try rotating the object first in object mode.
Then in edit mode with everything selected reverse
your rotations. This should give you what you wish?

Please see attached image.

Hope this helps?

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@ cayeya Maybe a Custom Transform Orientation?

@pixeltwist he he that again. :slight_smile:

Hi Pixeltwist and Yellow :D.

Thanks for your help! It helped me a lot to achive my goal, and to know more about blender. I’m new to blender and obviously I’ll find some ‘dead ends’ at first sight, but thanks to your help there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Big Thanks!