Help! Emitter materials shining through opaque materials :(

Here’s the problem - Inside this engine housing I have an emitter material, and I have indirect lighting turned on in the World Options. The light is showing through the engine housing, and I can’t figure out how to stop it. I’ve even added a mesh inside the engine housing with the normals pointing inward, and that surrounds the emitter object. This didn’t help at all. I’m using Blender internal.

Any suggestions?

The indirect lighting in 2.5 is right now just meant to be a very basic implementation and does not have shadow support.

If you want real good indirect lighting with shadows, it’s recommended you go to and grab a build for the Cycles branch, which is a new render engine based on a modern GI-capable shading design and is currently slated to eventually replace the Blender Internal renderer.

can you upload a sample file ?

did you use approximate here ro ray trace?

happy 2.5

@RickyBlender - Here’s the sample file. Have your way with it. I have the indirect gather method set to approximate, 0 passes, and the error at .250. - indirect_issue.blend (547 KB)

@Ace Dragon - I may have to play around with Cycles, though I’ll have to familiarize myself with it. I know Blender Cookie did a small tut on Cycles a while back, very cool, but I’m not very confident in my ability to install it. I may just try to switch this over to a more conventional lighting method. :frowning:

i do remember that indirect light is not 100 % debug
but for the ray trace part which was part of the render branch

i don’t know if this will not be replace with the new cycle render engine alter on

be back soon

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on the plane under set it to cast only and the shadow will disappear and also the light from IL !

but not certain if you need the shadow here or not!

does it help or not

or at bottom you can set shadow only
and IL won’t show through objects!

happy 2.5

use the last one

or at bottom you can set shadow only
and IL won’t show through objects!

it will show shadows but not IL on the plane

it works fine here

try it


I must be doing it wrong. If I understand what you’re saying, I should set Shadows Only on the emitter material? This is what I’m coming up with:

My goal is to see the glow on the inside of the engine housing, as in the second render.


yes i did that with a cube and trying to redo it with your engine

you have to set all your mat for engine to shadow

see this file

but i cannot get nice color for the engine maybe play with environment and IL factor

happy 2.5

see file here beginning to work

look at set up for plane

but you might have better control if you use Yafaray

engine1.blend (467 KB)

but if you just want to see more light from inside you might use some halo may be
but this won’t reflect on the sides of engine!

happy 2.5

Okay. Thank you sir! That gives me something to go on. You’ve been a big help!

try this one

engine1.blend (469 KB)

otherwise may have to use Yafaray to get better control
and better indirect light effect

unless you want to try cycle!

but for the time being that’s about what we can get from IL in 2.58
it’s not completed and debug

hope it helps

happy 2.5