Help--Exporting a DirectX Animation!

I am just having trouble exporting a Direct X animation. I connect group vertices to bones, I use armatures, I choose “export animation”–no matter what I do, I can only export the mesh, not the animation. I’ve looked at several examples and still can’t do it. :frowning:
Does anybody know of a tutorial that I can start out fresh on? I need a tutorial that will describe modeling and animation and end with exporting to DirectX. (I use version 2.43) I need it to teach me these steps in order, even though most of these I’ve mastered:

  1. Make a model to be animated
  2. Add bones
  3. Connect bones and model
  4. Create key frames for animation
  5. Export DirectX animation
    If there is no such tutorial, is there someone who could teach me from the beginning? Help would be greatly appreciated!!
    -Rebma Boss

The built-in direct-x exporter script can’t handle armatures.

You might try this one by Heikki Salo instead.

To use it

  1. Load your blend with the stuff you wish to export.
  2. Change the buttons window to a text window and load the exporter script.
  3. Select the mesh and armature.
  4. Place the mouse in the text window and press ALT-P.

Hope this helps.