Help: Exporting an obj sequence animation WITH particles.

I did this once before without scripts, so I just need the basic instructions on how to redo this.
I have Plexus 2 with after effects and need to export an obj animated sequence to use my 3d files properly with the plugin. I was at one point able to simply hit a quick key combo [first thing that comes to mind is ctrl+shift+a but nothing is happening now] and whatever object I wanted would be placed on each and every particle but not show up in the middle like a duplivert [which I want it to disappear so it is ONLY on each particle and nowhere else] Can someone help me out?

To summarize: I need to have an object track a particle system that can be exported as a motion obj sequence. [Not a still group of particles or objects]

AHA! Add particle instance to the object you want to be the individual vertices! Got it! Now I just need to remember this modifier…