Help figuring out level mesh physics

So I’m currently working on this deep water exploration game, and I’m trying to get this level mesh to work. My problem is that I cannot get the collision right in terms of objects stopping when they collide with the mesh. I currently have it set to dynamic with an upwards z force of 5 to counter the gravity. I’m uploading the file for anyone to take a look, when you press play, press o for create a glow stick, as this is the main object that keeps passing through. (press page down if you are in camera view to look down)

The glow stick is set to Ghost. Turn that off.

Also the light parented to the glow stick is set to Dynamic, causing it to collide with its parent. Set it to Static or No Collision.

When I do this and press o, the level shoots down. Im thinking this has to do with the collision box of the level model,

Switch the level back to Static. The level model should also be set to Triangle Mesh (this is the default if you don’t check the Collision Bounds box).

this worked, thanks. Now if I wanted to make that object bounce, what would I need to do?

Bounciness is determined by the elasticity of the two colliding objects. The elasticity setting is under Materials tab -> Physics.