Help figuring this out.


I’ve been learning Blender through the Blender 3D: Noob to Pro tutorial and so far, I think it’s pretty good (well fairly good) for laying a base. Anyhow, the reason I’m posting is because of this particular tutorial:

For most of the other tutorials, if I wasn’t able to do something, I messed around on my own and somehow or other achieved what I needed to do. With this tutorial however, nothing seems to be working. All I’m achieving is a red cube falling into the blue fluid. That’s all. No splash, nothing. Maybe someone could point out if there’s something not quite right with the tutorial? Or maybe, if there’s an easier method. I’ve done it in different ways, but all I get is an animation of a cube falling.

So can anyone help?


The tutorial seems to be correct. It sounds like you’ve successfully animated your red cube. Provided you have set this as a fluid obstacle, you probably only need to select your domain and Bake it. If you have already baked your fluid, you may think your domain has disappeared. It hasn’t - the domain takes the form of the generated fluid, so select that.


I think baking is also one of the problems? I bake using the bake button under the domain tab in the Fluid tab? Is this correct or not? As far as the domain and fluid are concerned, uh, I hid the fluid “object” so that all you see in the rendered image is the domain fluid sim and red cube I made. But that’s the problem actually, it’s just that. Red cube falling in the middle of a cuboid of water. Nothing else. It won’t seem to splash no matter what it is I do.

Uhm. Well …