help file in html

now i realize if blender had proper help files in their help menu it will be a great for a beginner and everybody, now, this is just a request for you who mastering python outthere (since i’m just a user):

how to make blender call a html windows (locally, so we dont have to connect to the internet) with browser inside blender windows ?
can you make some script for it?

for more clearly idea, i also submit a pic (i just made it in gimp)

If you use Windows you can use this little app.
You can save the web page your self and open it with your browser off line or on line. Run Blender and the web page in windowed mode(I think thats what its called) size the web page down some and ctrl-alt-t and it will stay up when you use Blender. If it gets in the way you can drag it around. I use this when I do tuts and it saves allot of clicking and its nice to see the tut as I work in Blender.
I know this isn’t the script you were asking for but it does about the same thing.