help filling a bowl with fluid simulation

Ok so I am quite new to using simulations and physics so I decided to start with some fluid simulations.
So I followed some tutorials on how to understand the base of fluids so I set up a basic scene of an empty bowl with the intention of filling it with water.
The bowl is a sphere which i cut in half and have set as obstacle.

However I am having a problem of when I run the animation the water drops down and stops on top of the sphere without landing inside of it as if it was landing on a face (there isn’t one).
The bowl is within the domain and the water lands on top of it.

Anyone have any advice?
(Below is my scene and the result as explained)


Change the obstacle to a ‘Shell’ instead of ‘Volume’

thanks that worked…sometimes makes you feel so silly when you can’ figure stuff out then it’s a single setting causing all the problems