Help finding a post!!!!!!!

Hi Guys,

Dont know if this is the right section but i will give it a go.

Im looking for a post i recently came across, about flid simulation or water simulation. There was a member which had a link to his website, which he is studying Fluid simulation.

Im currently trying to find that post again, and for the life of me just cant.
So if there is anyone out there that came across that post please get back to me.

Im currently new to blender and im very interested in the program, its a great free open source program that other software developers should be aware of :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway guys, i hope i can contribute to the forum soon with some great wisdom as i have been reading here.

Many Thanks


I hate when that happens. Which is why I have a ton of bookmarks and saves -which is almost as bad now that they’ve piled up.

You’ll often have better luck with Google than you will with the site search here.

Welcome to Blender Artists Forums.

Yeh welcome Jason.

Thats right, I know where you live!!

I’ll help you find that post since you are right beside me and will pimp-hand me if I dont. Oh well.