Help fireworks

New to blender artists so hope this is right spot to post question.

does anyone know a good tutorial for fireworks in blender 2.5.

or how to make the ball not show just the particles

Here’s one for blender 2.5.
Remember 2.5 is still very new so there are very few tutorials specific to it. There are loads for earlier versions (just do a google/youtube search and you’ll find loads). The ones for 2.49 are still applicable since with just a bit of common sense you can see where the 2.49 controls are in 2.5. The principles are the same which is the most important thing. Once you know how to use particles in general you can apply that to any blender version. Don’t just follow a tutorial, learn to understand what and why settings are being used and the effect they have.
To not show the emitting object in the Particles / Render panel deselect Emitter.