HELP, First Face!

Hey guys, This is day 6 of modeling. I’ve done quite a few models so far, and having experience in mapping for HL2, I understand the way vertices work and such. So far you guys have seen my first and second models ( pistol and master sword, here ).

And I did some other nifty models ( I will be showing later ). But my biggest venture was to do a head, then a body. And wow, sure was a slap to the face trying to model. But I was using a tutorial on youtube, and with the help of smoothing and subsurfing I was able to get this

I think it looks pretty nice ( but after 6 hours of working on it, I like to take pride in it ). But the tutorial I’m using doesn’t show me how to texture it!!! I know how to add materials and textures, but when I add it, my dude looks like a freakin clown! The materials always smooths it self with the subsurf, and the tutorial didn’t show me how to do eyes ( I can figure this out ). And I really want this to look good!!! By the way, I’m doing Cloud Strife from FF7, I know I have alot of work ahead of me to do, but I can edit the face to the way I need later. Seeing the face with proper textures would give me that motivation boost, and now that I’ve seen it with textures, I can’t think about continuing without trying to make it look good. Please guys, a tutorial link or something! I’m also going to save myself the embarrassment of showing you it with the textures.

I know you guys are awesome modelers, and I really need a helping hand here. I learn incredibly fast and I just want it to look good.

Btw, this is what I’m aiming for, and I won’t give up until I achieve:

Thanks in advance, just in case I forget

1 VIEW?!?! C’mon guys I really need some help here. Google isn’t cutting it this time.

Try this one:

He has some great information.

For 6 days of learinng its an awsome job,
but you got some problems at the eye area,but thats probley cuz you dident finished it…
The smile is fake,and u got problems with nose holes

three words- topology, topology, topology

Here’s a link to a good eye tutorial.

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Mr Jameson that’s because you view it then you comment it because there wasn’t a comment before the very first time you view the thread I’d say the views is 1 step more then the commenting unless people like, 1000 looked but 2 comment its so sad but true.

Hey keep it up just make sure you don’t go crazy ha ha- like me!