Help Fix My Completed Game

My game is done except that a library error is making it not work.
It works fine in blender but when I initialize it with an exe, it cant find the library.
I don’t know how to fix this so I’m counting on you to help.

Here’s the download link:

Thanks in advance!

You need to copy all .dlls with it.

What do you mean, all the blender dlls are included in the install package?
Do you mean I need to put a copy of them in all the folders?

You need to copy them into your work directory, where the .exe is.
The console will tell you the names of the dlls.

Did you look at the game.
The dlls are all there.
By library error I mean I used library linking and it’s not working.
None of my dupligroups are appering when I run it off the exe

Please look at the game so you will know what I mean.

ahh ok that is something different. I was assuming you talking about a .lib not found eroor or something like this.

I can’t download your file from here. So it is difficult to look :smiley:

I suggest to check that the paths to the library files are relative.

Here is the error:

It is already relative.
Is the downlaod link not working?

Can anyone help?

Your problem is in the startup.exe file you’ve created.
You have three choices:
First: So…create a “*.bat” file ,that starts direcly the “menu.blend” file and copy blenderplayer.exe there…and everything works fine!
Second: Move the “Menu.blend” file inside “Levels” directory and change “lev1 = ‘//Levels\Level-’ + num” to “lev1 = ‘//Level-’ + num” in your “” file
Third: Move the “Lib” directory inside “Levels” directory and change library link path from “//…\Lib\Library.blend” to “//Lib\Library.blend” in every level.

All three methods works fine.

Ok I tried all that and I even have everything in one directory now but it still wont work.
Can someone get it to work and tell me how you did it?

What errors did you get?
Is it windows send/don’t send error?(crash) Your GLSL materials are messed up, if you recive this kind of error you need to disable use of GLSL materials in menu.blend and levels files.