Help!! Fluid Simulation problem!

Hello. I am trying to create a waterfall scene that looks like this.


There is a problem though. I have an inflow object on top of the waterfall shown in the image below. All of the other objects are set as obstacles aside from the domain. I hit bake and blender bakes the simulation, but when I try to play the simulation in the viewport, the fluid does not flow. It just stays in one place. It does not even fall when I have gravity turned on. Yes, the obstacles have a volume initialization of both, not shell or volume in case you were wondering.


Can someone please give me some ideas on how to get the fluid to flow down the waterfall? Thx.

Please ALWAYS supply a link to your blend file for review. It makes it 100x easier for anyone who may want to help you
Upload to and reply with the download link

Here is the link

Give your obstacle objects some thickness and set them to be volumes
You can manually edit the mesh to give thickness or use a solidify modifier.
You’ll also need to increase the domain resolution a lot


waterfall.blend (7.54 MB)

Thx! Now the water is flowing!:smiley: