Help - Fluids advanced (3 part q)

hey guys, just having a lill trouble understanding the resolution feature of the fluid panel, and what req. mem for bake means.
the simple things like changing size, shape and rotation of the domain can have dramatic effects on the req bake memory.
on average i can bake on about 240 resolution ( i have a 4 core, only 2 sticks running 4 gig and only windows xp atm, waiting to install windows 7 b4 i get 2 more sticks).
but i fiddled with a few things, mainly the domain,
-made sure my cube hasnt been rotated,
-extended it along the x axis in edit mode
-shortened it along the z axis in edit mode
and all of a sudden, i can bake on 340 resolution, when normally my conputer struggles with reaching 250 resolution.

a) do i get windows 7 and 2 more sticks so i can bake and render better and will this allow me to bake with better resolution

b) how to i optomise the resolution of my fluids when baking.

c) if i have to extend the mesh in edit mode along the x axis to turn up the resolution on my fluid, am i really achieving greater resolution or just stretching the fluid (domain is stretched in edit mode before i bake the fluid)

The most common way is to use a lower mesh setting for baking (quicker, less memory), then apply a subsurf modifier to the mesh after it has baked so it will render smooth.

Make sour you downloaded an OpenMP enabled build, because is uses all your cores.

@ atom
cheers, the liquid does look smoother, but the droplets are still the same size, i want better resolution, and im hoping windows 7 + 2 sticks should do that

@ Person please explain a lil more please mate, i really dont know that much about how computers work, let my mate build my comp just told him what i wanted

To maximise the resolution settings, don’t make your domain any larger than it acually needs to be. It’s also best to do Ctrl+U / 1 on all you objects to ensure their scale value is reset to 1. Make sure the real-world size setting is the value you want for your simulation and you aren’t using any unneccessary settings, like particles.
I’m not convinced going to win7 will make a significant difference. Adding more ram would help overall thouh you would need Win7 64bit to use it. You will get to a point where you may have enough ram to go to a higher res but the increase in the resolution would be insignificant given the extended period it would take to bake.


Hi There

I was wondering if anyone can direct me to a Tutorial on How to make Fluid Run through a Tube like shape and come out the other side … i can do the fluid effect pretty good im just bored of it being in a sqaure container… i would like to do other things with it only i cant so if anyone can show me away round this major issue im having.,… id be very greatful thanks.