HELP!!! Folder access denied... big problem

I’m sure this has happened before to several people,
but I recently restored my system, and I had a backup folder in my Documents and Settings, and when I try to access it, I get the “Cannot Open/Edit Folder: Access is Denied” [RXOD dialogue.]

Basically it was an administrator’s folder on the old system, and I have all kinds of important documents on there, but now it’s inaccessible.

Is there some tap, hack, or trick to get into it?

yes,… yes there is,… take your computer into a dark room, and look it dead in the hard drive and tell it calmly to cooperate with you. if it refuses, dunk the moniter in scolding hot water seval times and make it watch. if it still wont cooperate take the speaks and smash them with a hammer in front of it. if it still wont, take the keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, camera, flash drive, or any other of its hardware friends and smash them up in front of it till it listens to you. if you run out of hardware to smash and it still wont cooperate, you begin to perodicly smash it with a steel pipe until it listens. it should give in after a week or two, or fall apart… i constantly go through computers that way, one time i smashed one up cause i couldnt figure out how to change the background… im perfectly normal…

That wasn’t funny, you just wasted time.

How about an answer that is actually helpful? Anyone?

okay go
and it should help

Log in as administrator and move the files out:

You can use a Linux Live CD to do this too, Try knoppix, it should be able to hack your admin folder for you…
the accesses only works if windows is running, so with a live CD you should have full privileges.

I can’t login as that administrator, because that specific account was deleted in the restore, all that’s left are the files from that account. My current account is administrative, but it still won’t let me go in.

I remember my old administrative password too, you’d think it should ask you for that password if you wish to open those files, just like if you were installing a program under a different user.
But Nooooo!

Mmph, how do I get knoppix?

NJROTC, stop being a smartass, you’re not helping. The first place I checked was Google.

No, what he means is log in in safe mode and then click on the “administrator” button. This gives you full privelages.

This is a lot faster than Knoppix to grant permission to all of your files

I think there is a right click thing where you can make all files available to everyone under the security options

okay im sorry, i shouldnt have done that.
here is a link to a serious website full of people dedicated to this stuff.i use it for all my computer problems.

I’ll try the safemode thing.
And the “stupid questions answered” site for me is right here at blender artists. But thanks

here is knoppix…

even if the safemode thing works, you should have a live CD handy in case of hard drive or windows failures.
It has saved my butt quite a few times.

great for bypassing the entire login things all together, windows never loads, so all the permissions are just nothing… you can copy anything you need.

If you use the TORAM boot option , it will load the entire OS into RAM for you. That way the CD/DVD rom drive is open for you to burn things you need to back up.

Is Knoppix like a completely separate OS?

Knoppix is a linux live CD

Linux dose not get installed, it is just run from the CD.
here is a bit more info on the topic:

there are many uses for them… from Data recovery, to lost windows passwords, to a simple hard disk partitioner.
some Viruses will run in the background in windows and you cannot get rid of them while windows is running. A live CD is great for this, windows never loads, so you can delete any infected file you need.

there are a bunch of applications you have on the CD… with knoppix there is a installer called click … with a simple ckick of the mose button it will automaticaly install virus scanners, games, utilitys… and YES!! even blender is on click. (with non-3d accelerated MESA so it runs kind of crappy)

well anyways, to make a long story short…
any time your windows fails, you have a live operating system to use to help you recover.

The hardware detection is pretty good, most hardware is auto-detected and the drivers are automaticaly installed upon bootup.

sometimes DSL and Cable modems will not get autodetected, look in the startbutton (the Kbutton in linux) and look under system>network and I think it is called autoconfig, or you will have an option for it to DHCP (autodetect teh connection)

well, have fun!

But Knoppix will run even if I don’t have a Linux OS, right?

Hi Joe :slight_smile:

Yes, it will run on any PC, weather it has windows, linux Free bsd… whatever…

it is its own little self contained operating system. It dose not require anything, and it dose not install anything…
Everything runs off the CD. they autodetect all your hardware everytime you boot , so it customizes itself to your system.

You must have taken the backup in the CD and then restored. Please remove the READONLY flag form the files.

and if that doesnt work ask your neighbor to help you, if no, let someone remote access from this thread and give it a try. Then maybe you have no access to any files, although might solve…

excuse me, i was being an ass. stinks that that happend

I will see about that.

Knoppix runs great and everything, but it’s still giving me problems.

When I try to move the old Administrator folder to the new Documents and Settings, it says, “Cannot create folder Administrator.” I allowed for others to modify/read the files in the folder properties, but still nothing.

Could it be because I am moving the folder across two different hard drives?