Help(?) for a newbie with basics (examples)

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to begin by writing that sorry, if I have posted this thread to the wrong topic.

I would like to request for some help with few things regarding the video which I just posted below.

The video starts with copying an object, I have a question regarding the copy system. How the creator of the video is able to paste the object already in a rotated and mirrored form to the right position? Obviously he wants to create a some sort of ball, and you can see the result at 0:21. If there are some keybinds please don’t hesitate to tell me all of the help are welcome.

My other question is regardng to the part when he is creating a UV Sphere exactly to the middle and covering the object which were previously copied. How is it possible? 0:22

My next question is regardng selection at 0:34. How is it possible to select vertices like the way he is doing it?

My last question is to the part which starts at 1:13. How is it possible to copy and move these objects like the way he did it again? It’s like he rotating it by the middle and like that it creates the perfect shape.

Thank you very much for al the help in advance.
And thank you for the patience.

He’s not copying objects, he’s in edit mode so only the mesh of one object is accessible. The mesh part is duplicated and rotated, and the rotation is done around the 3D cursor pivot because that was set from the header at the beginning. That’s for both times. Although, there are more efficient ways of duplicating and rotating, and also filling the faces.

New objects, in object mode obviously, are created at the 3D cursor location. Creation of a new UV sphere is shown, but not where the edges came from. Those were made from an UV sphere at some point and he joined the two objects (again, object mode) by selecting them and ctrl+J.

Selection was done by selecting one and ctrl+numpad_+ to grow the selection. Could have selected both and then grow.

Thank you very much for your help. You helped a lot to understand the key points of the video.
And also thank you for linking that playlist, it’s a good way to start to get more experience with Blender.

I would have one question regarding this video bit:

He is selecting these edges with select loop, thats right. But how does he makes the selction bigger and split up the selected part into even more?

Thank you for your help again!

The edges are first beveled (ctrl+b) and then he grows the selection

Niis… I hope you have fun learning Blender! :eyebrowlift:

JA12, thank you very much for your help, you helped a lot with these basics.
Thank you Anthony Forwood, I’m really having fun trying to figure out these moves and tricks. I’m eager to get to know blender and it’s features even more. :slight_smile: I do believe it’s a good way to learn blender, video + forum if it’s not explained in the video. I’ve been trying to re-create that object several times with still no luck, I want to be as accurate as possible and somewhere I always do mess up.

So right now, I’ve came across a new problem. So I want to create a conture to the selected part of my object. I would say by beveling it, the extrude it a bit I could get the same same result after painted it to black but for some reason I cannot do that, even though I try to use the bevel tool.

That’s hapening when I try to bevel

And I supposed to have a similar result:

Thank you for your help in advance!

I’m not sure what you’re saying your latest problem is. What do you mean by contour?

Hello anthony,

I mean contour by drawing a black line to the edge of something. You can see that on the second picture, it gives the object some nice effect. As I mentioned I supposed to use bevel I guess, then exclude and re-scale the selected part, and after that colour the generated space between the object and the selected part to black, but for some reason bevel is not working.

Thank you for the effort for trying to help!

You should upload your blend file so I or someone else can have a closer look at your problem and maybe show you what to do.

I’m not on here every day, but if I see the file I’ll definitely look at it for you.