Help for Blender users on Apple's OSX

If there is an Apple topic already please delete this, however If not and you are an OSX user and have found useful or relevant information in regards to Blender on OSX, or have found other software that is useful in relation to Blender, please feel free to post your discoveries here for others.

Freeware: Video Mixers

Freeware: Flash Video Mixer

Freeware: painting program

Freeware: modeling programs

works well with many versions of Blender

Shareware: animation program

Freeware: video capture and animation

Open Source: pixel art. To note Pixen3 in beta features animation

Open Source: vector based drawing program

One thing to note is that some python scripts are specific to Blender releases. If you need to download an older version of Blender just use the convert feature of Disk Utility to convert the html file from the download archive into a disk image. I am using 10.4.3 of OSX and Blender 2.36, and this seems to work fine once Blender is maximized for the screen.

Free: Video format conversion
Fairly intuitive, drag and drop converter.

Shareware: Video format conversion
*NOTE: I can never get it to work properly. Always dumps audio during conversion :frowning:

Free: Audio recording, mixing and editing

Very intuitive (digitise your vinyl record collection too!)

Video viewers:
Various formats/codecs:
Various formats/codecs incl. DVD:

I have a friend writing a bit a software for easily (i.e. no command line) submitting POVRAY jobs to an XGrid. I’ll make sure to post that here when it’s finished … if he’s okay with me doing so. I’m sure he will be.