Help for certain material (jelly) wanted


I am trying to rebuild the jelly material describe here.

for newer versions of Blender (2.37a++).

But something important seems to have changed since this
tut has been written.

Especially the coordinates mapping of the material makes
me headaches…

In the tutorial only the Z-coordinate is mapped once,
but if I am doing so, my blender gives me no circular
texture but stripes…

If anyone has any help for me I would be very happy…
May be there is one outside in the Blenderworld, who
already has solved all problems with this kind of material
for newer Blenders?

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

that tutorial was made with an older version of tuhopuu, so i don’t know if you can get it with a recent blender, but i recall @ndy did a jelly character recently called ‘softboy’. maybe he would give you the settings. he’s working on the orange project though so he’s probably hard to corner.