Help for developing a open source SWF SDK

Hi all i’m started some month ago to develop a swf sdk with qt and netbeans… I’ve some problem for the part concerning the drawing on the screen: i’ve found a way to accomplish this but the object are not editable. they have resize handler, are moveable, but once you have draw you can’t change the nurbs of the object. I’ve found a way to this also but it’s more a work around.

the project started because the are no good free alternative on the net, and i need a swf editor to make HUD in UDK.

If some one would like to help me, with programming or just for drawing the icons for the programs it will be appreciate.
if i can finish the program maybe i will start to find i way to integrate flash animation in blender game engine.

however what i need is someone that know c++ and Qt.

thanks in advance!!

I’ve finally added a repositry for the code:

Still hope for help!