help for fur effect in BGE

hello i need help for my model
i have made a model for my game which looks like tiger
i want to give it the looks like tiger as i am using it for game therefore particle wont help me but Uv maps could help me out
but how to give fur effect using uv just like were done in big bunny and yo frankie project for flying squrriel pz help polygons to make fur or hair. The example in this tut is human but you can apply the same concepts to your tiger.

thanx a lot, it really helped me
wow great!
thank u once again.
can u suggest me some good tutorials for python scriptig from the basics

The blender wikibook entry on python scripting, the real scripting is on the next few pages. The next one is a huge read on the very basics of python scripting in general. If you need more, google is your best friend. Ah, yes, and your welcome, but really you could always just search the tutorial section of the blenderartists forum. The hair tutorial was the first entry there.