Help for huge upcoming project!!

Hey forum,
it would be awesome if you guys could help us out on a few points
(with us i mean my small team and me),
so, we are starting this huge project that includes making normal length movies plus websites, youtube channel and so on,
we already know how much time, equipment and talent this takes, and i am sure that will not be a problem,
but my question for now ist, is it possible to use cycles to render an entire animated scene, if not, what is better for rendering an entire scene?
we need to know the answer to that question before we can start customizing scripts for some upcoming movie projects, because we have a bunch of them :smiley:
sorry for my sloppy english, im from germany :slight_smile:
if you really are interested in helping us (me), and you want more specific infos, PM me, i could then explain the details of the project!
besides, we are always looking for some creative minds we could possibly work with!
i would be really thankful for answers,
greats, CookieDesperado :slight_smile:

Hey!! So I’m not the only person who wants to make full movies with some of my friends!! (Man, that’s really encouraging, I thought I was crazy for a minute.)

Not focussed critique. Moved thread to support forum.

And have you also budgeted for this huge project?

yes, pc´s, post production programs (i work as a post production editor in germany, so thats not a problem), vfx programs, small studio for synchronizing, if you mean all that by budgeting.

What I mean by budgeting is chiefly whether you intend to pay for the help you’re asking for. Many of the “creative minds” you are looking for would be much more interested in getting involved if you pay them for their time and creativity.

ok, maybe it was too early to suggest something like that, because we are still in the concepting phase,
but a part of continuing the concept part was my question about cycles,

so just to correct myself, i wasnt asking for help on the team, it was just a suggestion, as i said, maybe i suggested it too early, because it was only an idea, my question was actually just about cycles,

The question about Cycles is highly dependent on what kind of animated subject you plan on doing. There are many features that can be accomplished with the Blender Internal renderer that Cycles is not yet mature enough to handle. Particle hair is one of these features, and there are others. If you need to choose at this point between rendering pipelines, you’re probably better off doing some serious research yourself to get a better background on what Cycles can do, then post any specific questions you have based on the kind of project you have under development.

probably, though cycles is fairly sparse when it comes to features, the core renderer is great. What I would do is render in cycles, and expect to do a bit of compositing with blender internal.

Hi, even is not shure about using cycles for the mango project.
You need a 2-8 GTX 580 3GB or tesla 2075 6GB system to render a full length hd movie in a couple of weeks.
The most important question is: What would you like as result?
Here is an example for the blender internal renderer:
And for comic looking always take BI.

Cheers, mib.