Help For IMAC User Please

I’m using Blender 2.65 on an IMAC. When I use the “Center Selection to Cursor” function, my selection disappears. Also, is there a list of Blender shortcuts for IMAC out there somewhere? I’ve been using Blender for a few months on a laptop pc and just started on a desktop IMAC. Does anybody have any opinions about which OS works the best with Blender?

Thank you.

Where is your curser ? If its not in view your center to curser won’t be in view. SHow more info and attach or link to your blend file clearly showing exactly what you are doing.
There is nothing particularly special using OSX versus other OSs with regard to shortcuts. USe the spacebar search, menus and tooltips to show shortcuts.

Thank you. I’m pretty new at this and I appreciate the help!

I just noticed that, in edit mode, if you call the ‘selection to cursor’ all the selected vertices converge in that point.
It must be a bug, even if this behaviour is litterally coherent with the assertion, would be ironic the contrary and it would be intended as ‘collapse to cursor’.

Perhaps you refer to this and you didn’t notice it because all the points went under the cursor.