Help for improve this chair modelling, pls

Hello, guys!

Today i was modelling a basic train chair. The result its fine for me, but i think that the corner its a little pointed.

I try to apply subdivision modifier, but, the squares amount its too big.

And, i dont know… something its not convince to me, so i need a second opinion about how i could improve my model.

The squares in the seat and back (in red) its a good idea to make them with a second cube and just join it?

Thank you for read. Here the screenshot:

Hi there,

My first thought is that the model is pretty fine :slight_smile: looks good. To make it less pointy, you can do a wider bevel, I guess, IF you have a previous version of the model, or you did a bevel modifier and is not yet applied.

For the middle part, what I would first try, is to make 2 edge loops horizontally. It will create the rectangle-like shape in the middle. Then you can extrude said rectangle, along the face normals (easy way for that type of extrude is to click the extrude button in the left side menu). Then, you could bevel the base of that from where it grows out from, along with the 4 side edges and the edges of the front face, evenly :slight_smile:

I apply the wider bevel and the result its pretty well!

A great idea for the middle part, works fine!

Thank you so much for your help!

Yay, I am happy it helped. If you are happy with the result, will you consider marking my above answer as a “solution”? :slight_smile:

Hello. I’ve been in this situation and sometimes the easy ones become the hardest things to model. For me, it’s about stepping back and taking another, simpler approach to it.

I think you’re pretty close but thought I’d add another way of modeling it. Hopefully it gives you some ideas on how to handle the extruded seat and back portions. Good luck. Files attached.

SubwayChair.blend (969.3 KB)


Very good idea of modeling! Im noob for this and just i do the “most obvious and easy”.

Thanks for the idea!

There are some really good suggestions here but instead of adding loop cuts i would select the faces on the back and the bottom and inset them and extrude the product outwards because then you dont have unnecessary loops going around the whole model but that would be just my way of aproaching it there are often many different ones :smiley:

Inset with “I” and make sure that you applied your scale with “ctrl a” → scale so the inset works evenly

It is a nice advice indeed! Loop cuts might still be needed though, if a catmull-clark subsurf is going to be in play, so borrowing the original loop cuts might help keep the geometry curving similar to the base (vertically needed at least, at the middle), that is what I thought. But it can also be inset and extruded anyways, so basically both methods should work, and corrections can be made later if needed.