help for new 2.5 on windows

i use the zip version to instal in a folder for new 2.5 on windows

but how do you

1 - save user preference and where in which folder and any var to be changed in user preference before doing the Ctrl-u if that works in 2.5?

2 - widget - i guess this can be save with the user preferences
cause right now it’s not activated

3 – right now i need to grab the object to move it
is there a user preference to have auto grab when selected ?

4 - in the render menu at top
there is a new gl render
any doc on this an dhow to use this if working at all ?

happy 2.5

User preferences are saved separately from the 2.49 preferences so you don’t need to change anything before Ctrl+U


but is it going to save it in the folder where the blend.exe is or inside it may be ?

is there a user preference to grab while selected ?

and other questions

happy 2.5