help for sci fi music


I’m working on a sci fi game project and I was planning to write the music(s) of the game (I can play guitar, drums and a bit of piano), but it isn’t very easy.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to make a “space” ambiance like in this song (I also want to know what is the instrument playing the theme at the beginning, this sort of crystal voice sound)

Also if anyone could help me finding good themes/ideas for a similar type of song (the one in the link), I would appreciate

For info, the game I’m planning to make is a space combat(like the iphone game “galaxy on fire”)/3rd person shooter(like “red faction guerilla” or “dead space”) game



Those kinds of sounds are called synth “pads”. Very breathy.

In addition to the pads, you need a resonant bell sound. If you have one, you can use a violin bow on the rim of a glass bowl to get the crystal resonance sound. If not, you can use a synth or sampler with a mallet/bell sound, lengthen the attack and the release and then repeatedly play some notes so that they run together into one sound.

So, a pad and a resonant bell of some sort layered over each other.

You can use just about any synth to get these sounds. Some synths also have oohs and ahhs presets.

If you need someone to make sounds for you, we have a number of audio artists at Burning Token Records that make sound fx.

Stuff like this is relatively easy to achieve, I would suggest downloading Reaper and a few free VSTi soft-synths. In Reaper, you can use your computer keyboard as a musical “keyboard”. There are many excellent softsynths out there that do nice swirly “sci-fi” ambient pads.