Help! For some reason my basic layout tools only move new gizmos!

Please take the time to reply!

My can’t jumped across my keyboard and activated something because now every time I use the 4 basic tools in object mode, it will bring up a gizmo that wasn’t there before and it will not automatically follow my cursor. The gizmo only moves itself so I can no longer rotate or move objects in object mode.

It’s not locked and my snap is off. I think it had to be something from a keyboard shortcut I don’t know because the preferences panel never opened.

Look in the N-panel > Tool > Options > Affect Only. Maybe Origins box got accidently checked?

You’re amazing thank you! I didn’t know what N-panel was at first but I found I’m guessing it means nav-panel? Also do you know why my navigation gizmo and the 4 circle tools below are sticking out awway from the edge of the screen? or is it always like that and i just never noticed?

Heh, I kinda assumed it’s called N-panel because “N” key opens it :crazy_face: Maybe not, now that I think about it.

Navigation tools (you mean those on the right?) are placed next to the edge of the screen, yes, but the N-panel opens between the edge and the tools (like in your screenshot, so they are moved further to the left). In your case Item tab is open with Transform sub-menu being closed (press little arrow to open it).
Press “N” to toggle the N-panel.

Thanks again. But the file I spent the last twelve hours on is now deemed unusable. Computer shut off in the middle of working on a mech animation. Now it won’t open due to “missing DNA block”. Imma just delete blender now :frowning: ( jk )

Well, don’t forget to check autosaves (somewhere in temp folder I think?). Good luck

oh my god once again you haved saved me so grateful ! :slight_smile: