Help for the Action Script exporter

I’m working on a 3D application made with Flash. I tried with collada export (1.4.1) but there are still some faces issue with the model.
Then, I’ve found the script written by Dennis Ipel to export Blender objects to ActionScript 3.0 objects. Unfortunately, I have always the same python error in the console:

File “/Volumes/oui/Applications/3D/Blender/scripts/AS3Export/”, line 423, in draw
logoImage = Image.Load(Get(’scriptsdir’)+sys.sep+’AS3Export’+sys.sep+’AS3Export.png’)
IOError: couldn’t load image

Apparently, it’s caused by the logo of the script (AS3Export.png). I moved to different places, inside the script directory, inside the AS3Export, with or without the python file, but the error remains.

Thanks for your help.

Mac OS X 10.5.8, Blender 2.49a, Python 2.5.1

It worked for me on Windows exporting the default cube after I did a CTRL-T on the cube to triangulate it. Did you unzip the file into the scripts directory? There is a companion folder that the python script uses. Maybe the asset is in that folder?

Thanks for the input Atom.
I unzipped and put it in the script directory. The png file is in this directory, but I don’t know why the python script doesn’t find it, that’s why I tried to move the png file elsewhere, but it’s always the same.

Did you put both the python file and the companion folder in the scripts folder?

You might be able to just comment the line. I think it is just the logo.

I don’t know a lot about MAC pathing, but maybe you need to reverse the slashes? “” instead of “/”.

The python file and the folder are both in the script directory.

I’ll try the slash thing, thanks.

Mac file paths use the standard Unix notation so the separator is the forward slash and not the backslash. The only OS to use the backslash is Windows, via the DOS days. In most programming languages the slash is an escape character, like "
" to represent a newline.

Hi-Did you ever get this exporter to work? i am using blender 2.57 + Mac OSX/can’t get blender to recognize the script at all, like you describe…any other thoughts? thanks.