help for the hungry & homeless

hi i’m doing the only cooking show trying to feed the hungry & the homeless of this planet, i don’t have a budget so i’m here hat in hand . i need a new intro for my show and could use some help as i only have a mac laptop with 3 gig of ram so i can’t use blender but i think its the perfect program for my intro . i have some 3d models that i got from turbosquid some of them are ( a oven, a chefs knife , a microphone , a cast iron skillet, along with some concert staging eqp models as well. what i need is to start building a master scene in blender with the cast iron skillet on the front right burner 1. i also need the knob closest to that burner to be able to animate rotating to a on position. 2. then if someone else could build a animated flame under the skillet 3. i also need a griddle from one stove model to be pasted into the master session on top of the left 2 burners i don’t need any flame just laid on top of the burners like the cast iron skillet is just sitting on top of the left front burner. this would be huge for me and my mission to feed the homeless if it hits your heart right get in touch and i can start to send what i have was really just looking for people who could do maybe just one or two of the things i need done i know its a lot to ask during these trying times we all find ourselves in thanks you very much bobby brooks & the hungry & homeless of the planet :slight_smile: