Help! - Game Ready Models

Hi there, I build a roman temple, it’s kinda low poly… ~1.000 faces. But they’re all different objects like. temple base, stairs, pillars, door, roof1,roof2 and so on. They all have different materials and different UV maps. So different texture files.

How do I make a nice gameready model out of this model in .3ds?

Well, how many objects are we talking? How many textures, and are their dimensions powers of two?

One thing you could do to really optimise the thing would be to collapse everything into a single object. Since having multiple textures on a single object is also expensive, you could collapse / bake your textures to a single (or a few) images / UVs. (ETA: This is not always true, since object culling and other stuff comes into play, esp. for level geometry)

But never mind that now, only waste time optimizing if your model creates problems. Have a look at it in the intended application / target machine.

Sadly, I don’t know about the state of the 3ds exporter. For static models, I almost always play it safe and use .obj, but that’s not always possible. Which app / engine / importer are you going to use it with?

Like 4 objects, with 4 different models, going to use the irrlicht engine.

Well, I see that Irrlicht imports .obj files.

I don’t know about the .3ds support in Blender, but I know that .obj support is solid, so for a static model I’d try that. It is as simple as using the export wavefront obj menu item, then making sure you have UVs and normals enabled. That’s my guess as what’s necessary.