help getting different layer object to parent camera or empty (Solved)

Hello, I’ve been stumped for a week now on a problem that I could really use some help with.

I’m making a small tank game using 2.49b and in the game when you select a team color it spawns the tank into layer 1 from layer 3 on the start of the game. The problem is that I can’t get the camera or empty to follow the tank at all when the tank is added to layer 1.

Here’s a small rundown:

Click Single Player (triggers team selection screen)

Selection Screen:
Click Blue Team (triggers empty to add blue tank objects to Scene: level 1 and starts game).

Blue Tank spawns in using an empty but the empty won’t parent to it and follow.

Here’s the setup with bricks;

Scene Menu(set up for mouse clicking)

upon clicking single player send MSG: Select Screen

Select Screen(set up for mouse clicking and listens for MSG: Select Screen)

Click blue team MSG: select blue

Scene Level 1
Layer 1:

Empty (with camera as child)
MSG: select blue>>AND>>Edit Object: ADD - blue tank base/Edit Object: ADD - Blue Light/Parent OB: blue tank base

Layer 3 has the tank objects on it

I’ve added the .blend file here but just a warning it’s about 50mb because it’s too complex now for me to isolate what I’m trying to achieve in a demo file.

Please Help


Edit: Forgot to mention that since the textures won’t be there, the “Blue Team” on the selection screen is the one all the way to the left.

read TrackTo and added Objects

Thank you for the link. I read through it and understand what’s going wrong now but I don’t know enough python to fix my problem. :frowning:

I’ll keep working at it though, I’m bound to get it one of these days…lol.

May have found a work around for the time being, I’ll report back after some testing.

Edit: Got it figured out:) Ended up using MSG’s and End Object and just have the tanks all on the same layer.