help getting specular lighting correct


Just to judge my skill I have tried to copy the google chrome logo… and need some advice on controlling the material/lighting to control the specular highlight

What I want in my image is the thick brilliant white specular highlight that appears
on the original in the green, yellow and red sections close to the blue center.

I assume this highlight is largely a property of a large light directly over the object…

I have tried the following :-

  1. changing the size of the area light.

  2. changing the materials reflectivity values.
    When I set this to some I think appropiate the specular highlight covers a much larger area then the refernce and nothing I do makes it smaller.

  3. Changing the materials specular hardness and intensity.

  4. I am not concerned that the mesh is not the same as the reference around the middle but concerned that the flatness at the top controls the size of the specular highlight … but am not sure how to correct this

Any advice is welcome


I am using blender 2.54


chromeLogo01.blend (720 KB)


I’ve had a little play with your file. I’ve changed a few things, including the shape of your mesh, the materials, where things are, the number of lights and I’ve added a couple of things to appear in reflections). Basically, I’ve just tried to cheat and tweak things until the lighting is a little closer to the Google version. Hopefully it will give you some ideas.


chromeLogo01_changed.blend (779 KB)

great really instructive… thanks

very nice logo.