Help getting texturing right.

Relative newb to Blender, especially texturing. I am not sure why the texture is not mapped quite right in this one.

I tried all settings and tweaking around the parameters, but didn’t seem to affect the final rendering.

Please take a look at this render and tell me how the floor texture can be fixed so that the tiles follow the floor with the right perspective.

(am hoping to learn modelling better to create a scene inside a room that is realistic, but currently focussing on how to use textures properly)

You need to set your texture mapping to UV, hit 7 on the num pad, from the top view ht “u” select unwrap, project from view. If the model is turned in this wont work. You can also try “u” “reset”. Really you need to see some tutorials on uv mapping.

It’s your mapping method that is causing the problem. Under material texture / mapping, try Coordinate of Generated, and projection Flat.

Thanks. I am using a laptop without numeric keypad. What exactly is the menu in relation to this?

Sorry for basic questions. Blender is really confusing even with the documentation because finding the right options/menu is so hard in the interface.

Well I’ve now set it to UV mapping and worked on the coordinates. I got it nearly right, but strangely the texture is rotated at an angle of 45 degrees for one diagonal half of the floor and works well for the other half.

Check here:

Apologies if I seem too dumb to understand this. Fact is, I use a regular flat square mesh and I applied the texture thinking it would work. Seems too much work just to get a proper tileboard pattern to work properly on a flat surface. :frowning:

Thanks a lot. Generated with flat works perfectly fine. I still want to unravel the mystery of UV coordinate mapping but I’ll check out a texture tutorial for that.