HELP? Glitch In Program Causes Crash

I was making a dragon model, and i had just started the head. when i was done i realized it was a little to square, even at level 4 subsurf. I was new and didn’t know how to use Blender. I added a second subserf mod to the same object, and it crashed. I can open blender, and it runs perfectly, but it crashes when it tries to open the saved project of the dragon head. Anyone know how to fix this besides remaking it?? :frowning:

I don’t know about that glitch, but if your model doesn’t look good at level 4 subsurf, you should start over. Most character models use level 2 subsurf at the most. Don’t feel discouraged though; if you’re new to blender, read the Noob-to-Pro wikibook. That’s a great starting place, and once you’re through with it, you should be quite good at the program.

no, you don’t add multiple subsurf modifiers to a model…
and no im not sure how you could get that model out of that file but my guess would be by the use of append! :slight_smile:

Thats what i was starting to think.
Oh well, thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll finish up reading the wiki manual

but my guess would be by the use of append! :slight_smile:

Huh? Appending? What’s that?

shift+f1 kinda like opening a file but instead you will be able to look inside a file like it would be a library/(witch it essentially is)

It oppened a half finnished version, when i saved it the first time, before i saved over it.