Help ... Guidance ... Point me in the direction of Albequerque

Hi All,
So I have a scene that I want to produce of two people on a boat. I am relatively new to blender on the grand artists’ continuum. I have gone through many of Mr. Price’s tutorials and feel confident that I can render the surroundings (boat interior and such) but it is the characters I have no clue about. I can sketch out the scene fairly well on paper or in PS, but I need this to be as photorealistic as possible for the intended application.

Do I use prebuilt characters such as in Poser or daz3D, pose them and import? Do I model them myself (not sure I can)? Do I get a third party low-poly already rigged character (this will not be animated btw)? Also, how do I render the skin? I am lost, but I see such great artwork on this site and Artstation, so I know it is possible.

Is 3D rendering the best way to go? It seems to be the best way to get something photorealistic, but I am not sure.

Thanks in advance,

Daz3d is a a valid choice. Even if you could model and rig yourself, would you want to do that everytime you need a human model for a scene?
Probably not.
So, don’t worry, use whatever works for you.
Same with the skin, a principled shader with an skincolor in albedo might be good enough for an non- closeup rendering.
If that looks passable you might want to play with the SSS values. Put a deeper red as color in there and dial some SSS in and see how it looks.
Good luck.

Romanji, Thanks. To clarify, Are you suggesting I use the models from Daz3D; pose and import to Blender, or do the entire scene/render in Daz3D?

Whatever works for you with the least amount of hassle.
I don’t know DAZ myself since i don’t use it and i don’t know what scene you have in mind, so you have to decide yourself. Posing and importing should be not difficult.