Help, hair render consumes over 1Gb of RAM

I was messing around with hair in 2.57, only 4000 particles in total, pressed Render and after a while, the program consumed over 1500Gb of RAM (my system only has 2Gb) and the render wasn’t done yet :mad:
This’s really weird, according to a documentation in, I can handle up to 2 million particles with 2Gb of RAM.
Anyone please point out what wrong in my settings

my 2.57 file:


In the Particles / Render panel select the ‘Strand Render’ tickbox. This will allow less memory but you may not get such a good render result.

Thanks, less memory and not good result, maybe it’s trade off. But I still think >1Gb is TOO MUCH for that simple hair, something must be wrong here.
Just curious, what is your usual settings for hair in this case, does every hair rendering eat RAM like this?