Help!! Hard drive help.

Hi everyone,

I installed Kubuntu 6.06 last night. Either I was really tired and wasn’t careful, or qtparted screwed up and switched around the partitions (it was only supposed to format hda7 and hda8, but instead formatted hda6 and hda7.) Both ways, I ended up losing a 16GB FAT32 partition with all kinds of backups and other data. (I did a quick format so only the partition table was overwritten…the files are still there…i just can’t get to them.)

So my question…does anyone know what I could try. I thought I would try some data recovery tools on the net. Either they didn’t work…or I had to buy the program for it to restore anything. Does anyone know of any free FAT data recovery programs?

Also, in a case like this, can I still read the partition under linux?


I did pretty much the same thing about 6 mo ago…I had a fat32 partition for most of my windows data and the kubuntu install formatted it to ext3 even though I thought I had made sure that it was deselected for formatting…this was after a sucessful ubuntu install that went as expected ( my fat32 partition was ok) Like you I thought that I just messed up but now I am wondering if it is the kubuntu installer…

I tried every free data recovery prog that I could find and the demo versions of some of the commercial progs ( some would let you look at the data but not save it) and found that most of the data wasn’t recoverable- at least I couldn’t get them to work well enough to make it worth the price of the better progs. I finally just gave up trying but I left the partition untouched just in case I found something that would work later…

It is looking more and more like I will have to image the partition for backup…and use that image for data recovery (ie with a forensics software.)

I’m beginning to think it has something to do with kubuntu too, or rather more specifically, with qtparted (i’ve had qtparted mess up on me before). If this is the case…it is quite a show-stopping bug.

FYI-I had erased the correct partition using cfdisk. I then selected the “empty” partition in qtparted and formated using ext2. Surprise, surprise, qtparted wiped the windows fat32 partition(partition 6)and not the previous linux ext2 partition (partition 7). Partition 8 was linux swap…but qtparted moved the fat32 partiton 6 to partition 8 and hda8 was bumped up to hda7.

Maybe this tool can help?

I haven’t checked into this software, but a nice info page anyway.

Good luck!

I talked with may dad tonight and he mentioned something funny.

On one of the forums he is a member of…there was a thread about qtparted. My dad said that one guy wrote that qtparted should be renamed to departed. :smiley: