Help!Head modelling with front & side view at an ANGLE P

I want to make a 3dmodel of “Avril Lavigne” but I have only her front view & the side view is at an angle. I could not find any good side view pic of her. Is there a method which I can use to model her with this angled picture?

Hello? Anyone listening? Please help! :frowning:

I personally don’t know of any laid out method of exact modelling given what references you say you have.

My two suggestions would be:
1.) Attempt to skew the side image in PS or Gimp so that its how you want it to be able to model. The only drawback is that there is no way to get it precise.

2.) Use the front image where you can, and just use the side image as a visual reference and proportions guide. Have the side view opened up where you can see it while modelling and follow it just with your eyes not vertices. You’ll have to do some tweaking but it may be worth it.

I would go with the second choice if this is a must model.

Another possibility is to consider poser style modelling. Rather than building the model from scratch, you mix different body and face shapes till you get a combination that ‘resembles’ your target.

First up, don’t buy poser - it sucks. Get dazStudio and the Michael 3 and Victoria 3 models from (all free). Where you will need to spend money is on the M3 and V3 face and body morph packs - about $60US? - also at daz3d.

Poser and dazstudio are not full 3D packages like blender, they’re mainly just for posing/animating premade characters like M3 and V3. Poser tries to be high end with a bunch of fancy features, but it’s just too buggy and miserably difficult to use, so don’t bother. Just use them to ‘mix up’ a character, then export it as an OBJ file into blender.

The big benefit is that you don’t need exact front and side photos, you can just adjust your morphs by eye till they look like your target. Also, the M3 and V3 meshes are quite good structurally, and quite realistic to look at.

Simon O

You could also use MakeHuman a plugin for blender that is apparently similar to DAZ.

After a quick search I found this gallery

If you don’t mind a creepy looking guy, you might want to use this picture :slight_smile:

some other picz I’ve seen

I soo know what you’re going through! I tried to do a model of her once before, but my inexperience made her morph into some unknown female. :expressionless:
The pics you find of celebs are mostly smiling, diagonal (not quite side, but not quite front), and/or off kilter front shots. Finding good front & side view pics of the person you want to model takes what seems like hours. :o
Sometimes, you have to use GIMP, or whatever you use for image manipulation, and rotate a side view of a person looking down, or up. Or rotate that off-kilter front view into a straight on view.

If you don’t mind me asking. What style is your Avril model going to be?
Photo-realistic, mostly real, stylized, etc. It’s interesting to see what styles people like, and see if trends develop.:slight_smile:

Wow, with all those pics I may restart/re-do my Avril model in the future. :slight_smile: I’m currently working on a different female model in the mostly real, but not hyper/photo real style. Only have 60% of the head finished. It’d probably be further along if I worked at it for longer than an hour, or 2 per day. %| If you’d care to take a look, here’s the thread:
Although, the pics are a couple updates in the past. :expressionless:

first thanks for all the replies and…


I have been to & afte 2 hrs’ search there I have found 2 pics of her taken during a press conference. Lickily she wasn’t smiling & there I found both front & side mugshots in good resolutions. But in the side shot she was shruking the nose & hence the nightmare I got while trying to correct that. It is about correct not fully.

I will give a try to DAZ. As for makeHuman I am closely following it but it seems it will take some time for them to release there release version.

And yes Blenderer what is M3 and V3 meshes?

I dunno if you can import DAZ models into Blender…
I tried DAZ Studio once, but the characters are pre-made. :frowning:
I want to have the freedom to create anyone, or thing. :smiley:

My solution to the same problem of difficulty finding good profile shots for head modelling:

I used a DVD of the actor’s head I was modelling with Cyberlink PowerDVD and Paintshop to grab good shots off of a t.v. show he was on. Got great shots that way to set up a background image for Blender.

Sorry about that, M3 and V3 is short for Michael version 3 and Victoria version 3. They are generic male and female characters who are now freely available from (which is where you get dazstudio from fwiw)

Kenshinw95, yes these models are premade, but the trick is to get the head and body morphs (also from daz3d). Unfortunately these are not free, but they provide hundereds of variations to all aspects of the face and body of the generic characters, which when combined in different ways allows you to create thousands of different variations to the base characters. To apply these morphs to M3 and V3 you may need a plugin for dazstudio called morphloader or something like that, and I think it will cost you 10 bucks.

Re importing them into blender, you can export them from dazstudio (or poser if you’ve got it) as an obj file, which I’ve found imports nicely in to blender. It even displays the materials properly in the viewport when in ‘potato mode’. The catch is that if you render it, you’ll see that all of the textures have become dissassociated with the materials, something you have to fix manually. Takes about an hour if you know what you’re doing with the materials in blender.

There’s actually a whole lot of really nice benefits to this approach even if it seems like cheating in a big way, but I’m still working my way through them. I get the feeling I could be mucking around with this for months too, but when I feel like I’m getting the hang of it, I’ll definitely look at putting together a tute (but don’t hold you breath).

The head mesh I had been working on when I originally replied to you,
I have erased. :-?
So, that way I could start over, and use some of the techniques, I’ve learned since I started that one. Still using the same front, and kinda side vie ref. photos of the woman I’m trying to model. I’ve also picked up a couple new HQ pics of Avril. Some are HQ scans/shots. One shot looks like it’s a side vide of her face. :smiley:

Let me know if you want my recent pic discoveries in a .zip file.