[HELP!] Holo/Iridescent material for WebGL / Eevee ( Is it even possible? )

Hello guys, i’m trying to recreate this effect ( big plus if it will support WebGL renderers such as sketchfab ).

Info: https://pastebin.com/67fbMCMx

Here i’ve attached some maps which is being used in the game/webgl renderer also which i need to use in blender. https://imgur.com/a/KtExS0i

Any tips/ideas how to achieve it? I’ve tried the layer weight/colorramp method but not much luck, it looks similar but it’s not “universal” setup if that makes sense ( there’s no rainbow effect when looking from one angle i mean only 1 color is visible at a time while in CS:GO and that web renderer is multiple colors per angle ), i would prefer to use the in-game texture spectrum files instead of ColorRamp.

Any kind of decent hologram effect is view-dependent. You’re not making it happen with textures alone.

If you’re rendering outside of Blender, then work in Blender isn’t going to have anything to do with rendering it there.

If your engine supports sphere maps, you can do something pretty similar to this (can’t navigate that viewer well enough, need camera roll) by just making an HSV gradient in GIMP and using that as a sphere map on multiply blend.

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Well it’s gonna be mainly rendered in eevee, any ideas how to achieve the reference look using these provided maps?

That’s what i’ve managed to do so far: https://mega.nz/#!BZ4nCKbR!tN-iDrsq64CClElv6CFgeBep3mIpA-KubDQJq6QHkho but it’s quite terrible and doesn’t work with other stickers ( because it’s not based on the original spectrum map which i have no idea how to turn it into “holo” ).

Something like this looks reasonably similar:

You’re just doing emission from a sphere map (Blender users prefer “matcap”), masked by your final image. The final image blurb doesn’t make any sense-- it refers to alpha, but my save image shows no alpha channel on the image, so I’m just using red. It looks like some kind of multi-channel mask image, so the actual shader is probably doing more than this.

Not exactly the same, but general idea. Really can’t tell you what the original is doing without being able to inspect it in a better viewer. (Maybe not even then, I like image analysis but it’s not always possible and it’s not like I’m perfect at it or anything.)

Edit: didn’t look at your file. Appreciate you showing you’re working-- I treat people like shit sometimes when they don’t demonstrate that-- but I doubt I need to see it.

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Thanks! I will try to copy it and see how it works with other stickers, but anyway i think it’s the best we can get without any “custom written” shaders.