help,how do i get my cloth presets back???

ive been playing with cloth.i clicked on minus for cloth presets & now there all gone except denim. how do i get them back???
i restarted blender but that didnt help. :frowning:

Wow, I have never heard to that happening. And like a doornob I went and did what you did to try and solve it and I now have the same issue. Loading factory presets did not do it either. Iā€™d say this qualifies as a bug - or a serious ToDO.

Also I tried opening up other cloth files only to find them missing presets as well. I would say the only solution at this point would be to uinstall and reinstall Blender. Or just simply grab the latest from Graphicall and use that. (you could copy the prests by hand back to your build if you wanted with the + button) Or of you have an older build on your system you could use that as a reference for the settings.

Then head on over to the bug tracker and read through the ToDo list and if it is not there, report it.

well i guess il dl newest version again & reinstall.i think that will do it. thanks for the help! :smiley: