Help: How do I import FBX into blender and make them quads?

Hey guys i tried importing fbx file into blender but the, mesh is all tris? is there a way to import the fbx as quads? if none, how do i fix it so that the image textures won’t be messed up?

Is it possible to split some parts of the mesh without messing up the textures? (like for example, if i wan’t to split the edge between the Head & the Neck?

Hi Peter,

Select all the edges and then press DEL, in the submenu choose Limited Dissolve:

This generally only works if the triangulation was performed after the quads have been established as it relies on the two triangles forming a co-planar surface. If the mesh was altered after the triangulation then this probably will be of limited use.

Splitting the edges of a mesh will have no impact on the mapping or texturing. If you separate the mesh into pieces everything will still map correctly, you’ll only encounter issues if you try to extend edges or add in new faces that overlap existing ones in the uv space.


Hi bro, the remesh modifier is not working for me. i click on limited dissolve and nothing happens. i also tried retopoing with face snap & shrink wrap but it’s acting weird- like it doesn’t know where to snap when a grab the plane to start with.

You can try the tri-s to quads option, (ALT+J), but be prepared for some manual cleanup. The only other way to do it reliably is as others have said, select edges and dissolve, but I have found it’s often better to try the ALT+J route first as you cut down the work. To reconnect parts that go “off”, you can use knife.

How do i do the Alt+J thiny? i go to edit mode, press Alt+J but nothing happens (sorry i’m a noob :frowning: ), it only opens an options menu at the lower left that says “max face angle”

Do you have any polygons selected? It only works on selected polygons, so you can isolate parts, or do it on the whole mesh.

to perform Alt+J command you have to select all the vertices/faces first, then eventually raise the options in the redo panel as needed.
As stated by colkai, it is likely that the result will not be everywhere what hoped for, in this case I find the ‘Rotate Edge’ command very useful.
Sometime is convenient to manually select some contiguous triangles and merge them to quads before extending the process to the whole object, so to ‘guide’ the conseguent mergings to reconstruct the original face loops.

i somehow got it to work with the Alt+J. What i did was - Remove Doubles and then Alt+J :slight_smile:

Yep, remove doubles is key.
Here’s a little video I have just done showing about the cleanup.