Help: How do i make my collection emit to the direction of the hair?

hey guys, i’m trying to make a hair particle system with a custom mesh shape. My problem is my collection’s rotation are messed up. i want them to like grow outward like that of a fur.

Desired Outcome-For the Collection to Grow Outward from the normal like the hair:

I tried Normal Tangent, and Normal but it just won’t work.

Normal Tangent:


This always bothered me. If i’m recalling this right the object has to build with wanted front view in top view, so y is up. Even if there is a techniccal reason i wished there would be switch for “used as particle”.

I had the idea of the century and tricked the system: apparently particle systems work with empties as well!
You are right, @Okidoki y is the axis along the hair (with default settings) :slight_smile:

hey bros. i tried to rotate my collections to pointing to Y and applied the rotation but i still don’t get my desired look. the particles are all pointing in front instead of the individual normals of the cylinder.

Have you [ctrl-A]pplied the rotation to your hair objects?
Btw: positive y is backwards! your hairobjects point in negative y direction.

The default setting for the orientation is Velocity hair. but it works euqalley for “normal”.

You can try the same trick as me and use an arrow-empty. That way you can later align your strands to the correct empty-axis.

If you still experience difficutles, try setup the particle system from scratch.